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Want a website that not only looks good, but works too?

We develop attractive and responsive WordPress websites that are customized for you, working with a multitude of WordPress themes and plugins to fit your needs. Whether you’re starting a new business or need help with your existing WordPress website, we can help increase your company’s visibility online, drive higher traffic volumes and grow the number of your qualified leads. We have the capability of providing solutions for all budget types, whether it be a basic informative site or a fully customized site incorporating various elements and driving your business. Whatever you need, our extensive experience means we know what works which saves you time and money in finding affordable web solutions that can make you stand out in a sea of competition on the world wide web.

What We Offer You


We can develop a fresh new custom site, work with a site template or completely revamp your existing site with a new design and transfer it across to WordPress so you can manage content and include a blog.

All websites are designed with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements in order to make you seen. Optimizing a site for search engines includes tasks we can do on site pages and other places around the web like Social Media. Social media offers a free platform for your business to engage with customers, and drive brand engagement.

Fresh, Easy to Manage Content

A great website with no content = no visitors. We keep your website looking fresh and up-to-date and with WordPress CMS it is easier for you to upload new content related to your business, quickly and easily. Web visitors need something to keep them on your site and keep them coming back. Nowadays, everything is found online and if it’s not on your site, surfers are finding it elsewhere. You spent time and money building a great website, don’t deprive it of meaningful content. Blogs, content updates, current events, whatever you need, we will create the foundation and help you find the best content to compliment it and give a reason for people to keep coming back, time and time again.


We build business websites with these essential elements in mind:

  • Attractive, customized and unified
  • Responsive web design – it will work on smartphones & tablets
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Search Engine Compliance
  • Contact Form Submission
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics Setup

We Specialize In WordPress

WordPress market-share now exceeds 23% as of November 2014, with 34,000 plugins and 2,700 themes, and record activity on both. No longer just an open-source blogging platform, WordPress can run full content management systems with a network of sites. Leverage the power of WordPress!


Easy Solutions, Jargon-Free

From colors to fonts, styling to layout, it can be paralyzing making decisions without understanding the impact they may have. We remove the stress and offer you easy choices based on your needs, using best web design practices, leaving you to free to focus on doing what you do best.


We Save You Time & Money

With a combined 12 years experience building websites, the last 6 years exclusively specializing in WordPress, our extensive WordPress knowledge means we know which themes are well developed and supported, and which WordPress plugins provide the best value and functionality.

So how much will this cost?

While WordPress itself is free, getting a WordPress website up and running is not. For one, it requires a domain and hosting. Then there is a theme and plugins for a bit more custom functionality. All of which can start to add up very quickly.

A typical breakdown of expenses required to get your website up and running might look something like this:

  • Domain: $12/year (24 months or more for discounts)
  • Hosting: $10/month – $30/month
  • Theme Template: $50-$200
  • Plugins: $15-$200 (each; some are one-time purchases, some are monthly/annual licenses.)
  • Rough Totals: $200-$1,000+

This way can be seem very cheap/easy way to get your website going (assuming no one already owns the domain you want which could set you back hundreds or even thousands depending on the situation), if you can keep theme and plugins to a minimum, and that you personally have the time and experience to set everything up by yourself.

The complexity of WordPress has made power-users a valuable service provider. That’s where COMSEC Media comes in and builds your WordPress setup and provides site maintenance, marketing strategy, content strategy, WordPress training and more. We are not offering complete custom design from scratch, but rather a high level of expertise with a number of WordPress tools that fit a niche.

We have become experts in setting up blogs, portfolios, small business pages, etc. We have learned the ins-and-outs of a major theme framework and the necessary plugins to have someone up and running in a matter of days to a couple of week as opposed to several weeks or months.

Will this cost more than doing it all yourself? Absolutely! But not as much as getting everything done completely custom from a commercial web designer, and let’s face it, that’s not what everyone needs. For the right person this sort of service package will provide a lot of convenience, peace of mind, and a smoother navigation of the WordPress learning curve. Not to mention meet all of their practical online needs.

This approach works best for you because we have developed a very specific niche, and can get the job done under tight constraints (on time, number of edits, tools, add-on services, etc.), and can basically do one thing really well and very quickly; taking our clients from an idea to a fully functioning website in a short amount of time.

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